About me



I am a Rhode Island Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist.

I provide massage to clients in various styles such as Swedish (relaxation), Deep Tissue, Sports, Orthopedic, Trigger Point and Myofascial. 

With over 4000 hours of class work, clinical experience, fieldwork, volunteer experience and allied health training, I bring a high degree of knowledge and professionalism as I apply varying techniques in tailored sessions to meet each individual clients needs. 

Whether you are seeking relaxation, rejuvenation or remedial work, your wellness is what is important to me.

I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, a volunteer team leader for the RI Crisis Massage Team and an active volunteer member of the RI Sports Massage Team. 

As a team leader on the RI Crisis Massage Team, I am responsible for a team of twelve licensed massage therapists in call downs to state emergency/disaster sites to work on first responders in the event of a catostrophic event. 

As an AMTA member, I stay connected to a growing number of massage therapists and keep up with the newest and latest treatments and scientific research.  

As an active member of the RI Sports Massage Team, I have taken part in  the post-event massage at the finish line for the athletes at the 2010 Boston Marathon, the RI Special Olympics, the MS-150 and the Diabetes Run.

During my experience in the allied health care field for over 15 years, I worked in the home health care field, nursing/rehabilitation facilities and orthopedic outpatient settings as an Assistant Physical Therapist. 

My medical background and comprehensiveness with various medical conditions is an additional plus with the application of the treatments that I provide to all of my clients.

Massage On Main also offers the skilled massage services of Kate Stearns.   Kate brings a great depth of knowledge, wisdom, instinct, professionalism and superb massage techniques to the work that we tailor to each and every one of our clients.


Clients are seen by appointment only. 

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